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Why Choose Us?

Professional Team

Expertise You Can Trust

RM Rigging are specialised, professional yacht and superyacht riggers. With many years experience at the top of the Superyacht rigging industry, carrying out works on a wide variety of yachts, we are able to adapt to all aspects of rigging service requirements.

Having worked closely with all of the major spar and rigging manufacturers, our product knowledge is extensive and we are able to service existing rigging and onboard equipment. We organise, manage and carry out major refits for all types of vessels.

The concept of RM Rigging is to return to a highly skilled, small and cost effective team aimed at delivering a truly customer oriented service that sets us apart from the rest. 


Russ Brown

"I grew up in a dinghy sailing family so at 4 years old I sailed my first single-hander. From then on, sailing was my life and as soon as my A-levels were complete, I started to sail the world on a gap year.

I worked my way up to Captain of a 75 footer, racing, cruising, chartering and travelling the globe. 

In 2005 my wife and I decided to move ashore after 45000nm to have a more stable life. Immediately I knew I wanted to start in the rigging industry. I had always pulled and stepped masts on the boats I had worked on having learnt from race teams. 

Moving forward 17 years I have stepped over 500 rigs. Some of them the biggest rigs in the world and numerous commissions for new superyachts, rigging, sailing and racing are still a huge passion of mine, and will be for many years to come.

I look forward to working with you again if I already know you, and look forward to meeting you if we have not worked together yet."   

Mark Timmins

"I started sailing at a very young age, first with the family and then the school sailing club. After school I began working in the Eastern Mediterranean around charter and bareboat fleets with my family. This led to the start of a career crewing on larger yachts cruising the Med, Caribbean and further afield. After 10 years of crewing, skippering and maintaining yachts from 72 feet to 130 feet I moved ashore and began my career in rigging. 

Now 16 years later, I have run more mast and rigging refit projects than I can remember. From the West Coast of the US to the Eastern Mediterranean, UK and Scandinavia, along with racing beautiful sailing yachts all across the globe.

Now, RM Rigging is an opportunity to bring all this experience together in an individually focused service to yachts - owners, captains and crew. I hope to continue to work with the many friends I have made along the way and meet and develop more relationships as we go forward."

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